Egypt Travel

March 28, 2009

Next week I will go to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, a very famous ancient country. The purpose is give training to our customer. The training is about how to use our products, how to solve issues. Besides this, I also need to negotiate with them what products they want. And try to popularize our new products.

It is my first time to travel aboard. So it is a challenge task for me. But I believe I can finish this task.

It is fortunate that I can travel the mestic and  beautiful country Egypt, I think it must be a wonderful trip.


Good Pidgin

March 27, 2009

Tonight it is the first time to use Pidgin in my Fedora 9 system. The Pidgin is very helpful. I found it is more and more interesting using Linux system. We can find many fun in it.

Speed up my rate of learnin Linux!!!

Using Linux OS

March 26, 2009

Now I am using Linux OS, the first time using Linux to surf internet on my computer. It is installed just now. It’s very amazing that it is more powerful than windows OS.

It is not only for using, but also for learning. All the codes are free and there are many documents for learning. It is an amazing system. I love it very much. I decide that I will use it for work, study, all the time.

Let’s begin the study of linux system. You can find much more interesting things on the study road. Have fun in it.

Hello world!

March 25, 2009

Hello world. Welcome to my first English blog. I am Chinese, live in Shenzhen. My job is software engineer. I hope to share my thought, my view, my stories with all my friends. Feel happy to make friends with you.